Dalice and Mark presents...
How to live in the modern world as a 
A 90 minute FREE WEBINAR to show you the ropes of what it takes to live a truly HOLISTIC, HAPPY and HEALTHY life, exploring WORLD RENOWNED TACTICS to have more TIME, ENERGY and CONNECTION for you and your family.

NEXT WEBINAR: SUNDAY 14th October @ 10:00am ACST
What you will learn in this FREE Web call!
"How to have the confidence to live a Healthy, Happy Life through living Holistically"
"What alternative and natural strategies exist to be more calm, present and connected with your family"
“What it takes to balance all aspects of your being, so you can thrive Emotionally, Mentally, Physically and Spiritually as a Family ”
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What's the CONSCIOUS FAMILY LIVING Webinar about? 
This CONSCIOUS FAMILY LIVING Free Webinar will ignite the part INSIDE you that is up for the CHALLENGE to CHANGE and ready for something NEW, different to the norm…

People around the world are AWAKENING and going back to the simple things in life that give us more TIME, ENERGY and FREEDOM to simply BE

Here's some of what we will share on this FREE CALL... 
  •  How to have the confidence to live a healthy, happy life through living holistically.
  •  What alternative and natural strategies exist to be more calm, present and connected with your family.
  •  Why gut health, nutrition and a plant based eating is key to your overall health and vitality.
  •  Why we need to break through the societal conditioning and stereotype of what it is to truly be a Man and Woman on this planet.
  •  How conscious and empowering language is critical in the way we communicate as a family.
  •  The gift in understanding basic neuroscience and how this sets our kids up to win in life emotionally so they can be more confident in the modern world.
  •  Why it’s important to balance running the household, ensuring SH*T gets done and also making sure there is time for self and fostering personal passions.
  •  The critical importance of understanding why we need to work on ourselves as parents and how that paves the way for a new generation of conscious individuals in our kids.
    This Free Webinar  IS FOR Busy 
    Mums, Dads and Professionals who are:
    •  Seeking a more natural approach to life.
    •  Parents or planning to start a family.
    •  Wanting to learn conscious and empowering ways to communicate with and raise their kids.
    •  Wanting to THRIVE rather than simply SURVIVE.
    •  Ready to live a truly holistic approach to life and understand EXACTLY what that is.
    •  Committed to the vitality and wellbeing of the whole family.
    •  Tired of being tired, want more energy, but everything they’ve tried so far hasn’t really worked or stuck.
    •  Ready to truly embrace change for themselves and their family.
    •  Understanding that the future of our children is in our hands and we have the opportunity to gift them an environment to thrive in the modern world. 
    This Free Webinar  IS NOT FOR People:
    •  That think a 7 day challenge is the answer to all of their health problems.
    •  Who want someone to keep telling them what they are doing is OK and no change is required.
    •  Looking for a quick fix or fad approach to transforming to a holistic lifestyle.
    •  Just accept “the norm” because that’s what everyone else does.
    •  Not ready to evolve their life.
    You can keep being “busy being busy”, putting everyone else first, or you can jump on the call and see how some INSTANT actionable tactics can give you some breathing space from your busy family lifestyle.
    Meet your webinar hosts: Dalice and Mark 
    What do we do?
    We are Evolutionary Guides. Vitality Consultants. 
    Coaches with Purpose and Passion.
    By letting go of cultural conditioning, our clients find the confidence and awareness to lead healthy, happy, holistic lives for themselves and their families.
    Who do we work with?
    Typically we work alongside Mums and Dads, Business Professionals, Expert Achievers and/or Aspiring Creators who are ready to evolve to live their life with greater purpose, connection and vitality.

    We love working with people who want more…
    • more love in their life
    •  more vitality
    •  more fun and joy
    •  more freedom in their lifestyle
    •  more prosperity
    •  more fulfilment
    What are the typical results people get working with us?
    •   Have the confidence to move past the stuff holding them back;
    •  Stop repeating the stories and patterns of the past;
    •  Are authentic and stop making excuses;
    •  Design and start living the life they really want to live;
    •   Evolve towards a happier and more powerful future filled with the prosperity, experiences and relationships they want in their life;
    •  Experience the infinite energy and vitality available to them; and
    •  Are empowered and free beyond limits and influence to fulfil their highest potential.
    Who are we?
    We are both respected visionaries working in the consulting and coaching space. We enjoy working with people who are ready to honour and allow their destiny to unfold. We support others in having the most expansive and extraordinary life possible.
    What do people say after working with us?
    “Dalice was instrumental in working with team members to strengthen not only their mind set but their resolve and self-confidence to achieve to their full potential.” - Megan
    “Mark and Dalice are one of the most conscious and aware couples I have come across. They bring a breadth and diversity of skills and tools. Both of them complement each other highly. It’s rare to find a couple at the same high level and in synch with each other. They are passionate about spiritual parenting, vitality, abundance and have a mission to prepare people for the new way on earth.” - Richard
    "I just want to express delight and appreciation for the session last night. It is just what I've asked for. You showed so much knowledge and wisdom in so many areas in such an earthy way." - Suse
    "I was so energised after doing this technique I felt like I could do anything! It's the first time I've felt a real boost in energy since I started having fatigue from thyroid issues last year - and I woke up next morning feeling really strong and energised still! - Mark holds a really protective focused powerful safe container, and he's real fun to hang out with - if you are thinking 'maybe 'about this experience; - just go for it !!" - Jo
    So what are you waiting for, it's FREE! 
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