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What do we do?

We are Evolutionary Guides. Vitality Consultants.
Coaches with Purpose and Passion.

By letting go of cultural conditioning our clients live in higher states of vitality and love, evolving towards fulfilling their greatest purpose.

How do we do it?

The spaces Dalice most loves to work to support her clients in balancing their physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well being include:

  • Gaining clarity in their life direction
  • Helping ignite their purpose and passions
  • Having connected and authentic relationships
  • Coaching parents to make conscious, holistic and empowering lifestyle choices to raise healthy, happy, holistic kids
  • Motherhood mentoring (aligning the head and the heart to feel confident, empowered and happy before, during and post pregnancy and childbirth).

Mark likes to work with people interested in transforming to vitality and evolving to live a holistic lifestyle through:

  • Breathwork and learning to meditate
  • Lowering stress naturally
  • Reclaiming their natural state of being
  • Strategies to approach soul, body, mind change and balance
  • Having connected and authentic relationships
  • Breaking through unseen veils, limiting beliefs and emotions
  • Personal PandoraStar Light Sessions

Who do we work with?

Typically we work alongside business professionals, expert achievers, aspiring creators and/or conscious parents who are ready to evolve to live their life with greater purpose, connection and vitality.

We love working with people who want more…

  • more love in their life
  • more vitality
  • more fun and joy
  • more freedom in their lifestyle
  • more prosperity
  • more fulfillment

What are the typical results people get working with us?

Through working with us our clients:

  • Have the confidence to move past the stuff holding them back;
  • Stop repeating the stories and patterns of the past;
  • Are authentic and stop making excuses;
  • Design and start living the life they really want to live;
  • Evolve towards a happier and more powerful future filled with the prosperity, experiences and relationships they want in their life;
  • Experience the infinite energy and vitality available to them; and
  • Are empowered and free beyond limits and influence to fulfil their highest potential.

Who are we?

We are both respected visionaries working in the consulting and coaching space. We enjoy working with people who are ready to honour their deep inner desires and are fascinated with having the most expansive and extraordinary life possible.

Our Latest Blog Posts

“Mark and Dalice are one of the most conscious and aware couples I have come across. They bring a breadth and diversity of skills and tools. Both of them complement each other highly. It’s rare to find a couple at the same high level and in synch with each other. They are passionate about spiritual parenting, vitality, abundance and have a mission to prepare people for the new earth.”

– Richard

“PandoraStar light sessions with Mark have allowed me to be take my health to the next level and has helped me connect deeply with my spirituality.”

– Brent Zimmermann

“Dalice was instrumental in working with team members to strengthen not only their mind set but their resolve and self-confidence to achieve to their full potential.”

– Megan

“Dalice Kennedy was our fantastic MC at the Millionth Birthing Kit Celebration Breakfast. She is not only an exceptional MC she is also an accomplished speaker in her own right. Dalice is very competent, energetic and engaging.”

– Anne Miller, Chair Adelaide Millionth Birthing Kit Celebration Committee